Knowing Your Makeup Brush (Brush Anatomy)

A.  Hair / Bristle

     Hair of brush is also known as a Bristle.
     There are 2 types of Bristle :
     -  Natural (Animal Hair)
         It is good to apply powder products and gives more natural flawless finish
     -  Synthetic (Nylon)
         It is good to apply any kind of products, best for creamy or liquid products.

B.  Ferrule
     Aluminium is the common standard ferrule.
     Brass Ferrule is more durable than aluminium. It is ussually comes with nickel plated or gold plated which make the ferrule more exclusive.

 C. Handle
     It can made of many kind of materials, such as wood, plastic or acrylic.
     Wood is the best material which gives best control of grip when applying products,
     that’s the reason all makeup artist will choose brush made of wood handle.
     Plastic or acrylic ussualy made for fancy brush or personal use.